Company Profile

About Plus4u

Plus 4 U Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been started in October, 2013, as one of the solutions provider company that offers multidisciplinary / multifunctional services in the areas like Human Resource , Finance, Events and Outsourcing. Plus 4 U Solutions is headquartered in Delhi with its administrative office in Indirapuram (Delhi NCR).

Plus4u's USP is its strong management team with having excellent experience in their respective domains:

  • Human Resource
  • Events
  • Finance
  • Outsourcing
  • Mission Statement & Philosophy

    Mission Statement: "Plus 4 U Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Plus4u) is dedicated to meeting the needs of its clients. It will concentrate on doing what it knows to do best being client advocates in respective sectors. Hence, contributing towards saving costs thereby increasing profitability margins for clients through its professional expertise."

    Philosophy: "As stated in our mission statement, Plus4u is here to support the clients by providing high-quality, responsive service in a cost-effective manner. The method adopted by our management team and professionals to achieve this mission must be transparent so that our clients benefit by having consultants who care about their work. "

    Core Values:

    Professionalism —The Plus 4 U team is composed of mature and experienced professionals with impeccable standards and credentials.

    Integrity  - Plus 4 U approaches all matters (whether related to a client, a partner, the community, or employees) with the highest moral and ethical standards.

    Accountability — Our clients count on us and we deliver for them – we take responsibility for implementation and step up at all times to be accountable for our performance.

    Communications  — We understand that effective and active communication with our clients and within the team is critical to achieving results.

    Confidentiality and Security Assured  


    True to our name, we symbolize adding value to any business by putting extra hands and make it to something unique and extrao -rdinary. Through our Creative team we generate the difference between something outstanding.